Amazon’s new virtual healthcare service will be cheaper than $10 per month

The global e-commerce behemoth joins the ranks of firms launching virtual health care programs. Amazon is now counting on a new digital tool aimed at giving clients with remote consultations.For the time being, its officials have stated that the option will be open to its Prime users. The program is incredibly reasonable, costing only $9.00 USD each month, and is ready for individuals who wish to give it a try. This provides immediate access to a healthcare provider. The price is only $99.00 USD if the client pays the complete year’s charge in advance.

Amazon announced the acquisition of membership-based general healthcare company One Medical around a year ago. The procedure cost a whopping $3.9 billion dollars. This program is available in over 20 areas across the country.

Amazon’s Healthcare Service from the Inside

This Amazon application is quite simple to use. Patients will be able to connect remotely 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Prime One Medical can connect you with health care providers.

This is a really thorough service. For example, it features video conversations, or if you prefer, you will be able to visit One Medical locations in person. If they are close to where you live, it is even better.

The membership price covers the expense of virtual medical consultations for chronic or mental disorders, as well as minor health issues. Patients would, however, have to pay more for trips to general care offices, even if they have health insurance.

This sort of approach is popular since it is a simple method to contact a doctor or solve minor but urgent health issues.


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