Google will deactivate your Gmail account If you do not achieve this condition

If you do not achieve this condition, Google will deactivate your Gmail account.

Our everyday lives are surrounded by technology; we live in an era where technological breakthroughs have simplified our lives; contact between persons separated by entire nations has become as simple as a click.

Email was one of the first kinds of virtual communication that was made available for free to Internet users; since then, several technological businesses have offered this virtual email service.

The University of Oxford’s definitions and translations service describes email as a set of algorithms that allows individuals to interact by sending messages between two or more computers connected to an Internet network.

As previously said, numerous technological companies have incorporated this email service, none more prominently than Google’s Gmail.

Google is an automated virtual search platform that uses web crawler software to explore all Internet information related to search. Google is also known as a technology company that focuses on search engines, online advertising, and, more recently, artificial intelligence, among other fields of technology.

Among the many services provided by Google is their email service, Gmail. This is a tool for sending and receiving emails, which are saved in the company’s databases and accessible from any smart device.

Google, as a firm, has just issued a statement that may be of interest to more than one person and will effect a huge number of individuals.

Regardless of Google’s high competitiveness, the company has decided to cleanse its email service owing to a huge number of abandoned customers or users with forgotten passwords who just take up space on its servers.

The organization took this decision for the sake of security and optimization. Similarly, anyone who does not comply with Google’s requirements for not deleting an account will be affected by the deletion of all data from Google Workspace, aside from the platform where it is located, in addition to Gmail, Docs, photos, Calendar, Meet, Drive, and other functions.


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