How can I delete the channels from WhatsApp and return to the normal status view?

If you wish to go back to the old manner of seeing WhatsApp statuses, we’ll show you how. WhatsApp channels are a new feature that allows you to follow the publications of your favorite friends or media sites, but they take up a lot of screen space. How can I delete the channels from WhatsApp and return to the normal status view? We inform you.

According to the technology site Xataka, you must follow these procedures to disable them and display the statuses vertically again. They note out that while an iPhone will be used as an example in this case, the methods are the same for an Android phone.

Follow these instructions to modify the display of channels and statuses in WhatsApp. Open WhatsApp and navigate to the News page to view the channels you follow as well as the statuses of your connections. Enter each channel and hit the three-dot button in the upper right corner to quit watching it. Then select the Unfollow option.

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You must repeat this process for each channel you follow, and when finished, navigate to another WhatsApp tab before returning to the News page. The states should be visible in the vertical view. If not, close and reopen WhatsApp.

“Keep in mind that channel suggestions will appear below the states, and that if you follow one or create your own channel, you will return to the horizontal view of the channels and states,” the specialist site warns.

We further warn Cuban users of this popular messaging program that, effective of the end of October, WhatsApp is only compatible with smartphones running Android 5.0 or iOS 12. This implies that if you have a previous version of these operating systems on your mobile device, you will be unable to access or use the program as before.

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