HUAWEI Watch Buds wins the Urban Tecno Awards 2023

HUAWEI Watch Buds: In this first edition of the  Urban Tecno Awards 2023, we continue to present you the most amazing devices of the year for our technology specialists. Follow us on X, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube to meet the rest of the winners and see a bigger image of the year’s top ideas.

HUAWEI Watch Buds is the winner of the wearable of the year category at the Urban Tecno Awards 2023.

The first gadgets unveiled at the 2023 Urban Tecno Awards are now available for viewing on our website, including the LG OLED evo C3, which was named smart TV of the year. Next, we’ll discuss about the wearable of the year, but we can’t leave out the other two nominees in the category: the Samsung Galaxy Watch6 and the TicWatch 5 Pro.

And speaking of the HUAWEI Watch Buds, the winner of the best wearable of the year, we are without a doubt dealing with a game-changing device that gives a more than pleasant first impression when viewing what it delivers and how it does it. Think again if you believed you couldn’t pair a wristwatch with wireless noise-cancelling headphones.

Although you may assume a huge watch, given that it has to hold headphones within, HUAWEI has addressed this issue extremely nicely, especially given that it incorporates headphones. By the way, they are the inverse, very little. The combination of two of the most popular wearables for the majority of users is what makes you fall in love at first sight.

Autonomy is another way it varies from the competition, however talking about absolute values is a little tricky because it depends a lot on how each person utilizes both the watch and the headphones. Two to three days appears to be the most reasonable estimate for the average user, and we’re talking about having a battery that can power two wearables at the same time. Furthermore, the sound of the little headphones is startling, therefore utilizing the HUAWEI Watch Buds adds value.

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