Nintendo Switch fresh new update 2023 v17.0.0.

Nintendo Switch fresh new update 2023 v17.0.0.

This morning, the Nintendo Switch appears to have gotten an upgrade to version 17.0.0, a transitional update whose notes only state that forbidden phrases have been added. As with previous updates, you do not need to restart your console to enjoy this one.

This time, Nintendo has not verified what is included in this update, however dataminers have reported that it updates the list of “unwanted words,” including the following, as reported by dataminer OatmealDome:

  • A Nazi word has been outlawed in all languages, when before it was only prohibited in specific.
  • Japanese expressions referring to killings.
  • In Dutch, the word “Leprosy” was officially forbidden.

You are well aware that this update does not necessitate a reset of the console. “Rebootless” updates are those that can be installed without restarting the machine. This is a huge advantage for users since it reduces downtime and disrupts device usage.

Nintendo Switch no-reboot patch

What is this for? The Nintendo Switch’s operating system is constructed in such a manner that it may provide “rebootless” upgrades. Unlike previous operating systems, which require a hard reset to make substantial changes, the Nintendo Switch operating system is designed to allow upgrades to be installed without interfering with normal system functions.

Remember that this is especially handy on a gaming system like the Nintendo Switch, where users frequently wish to continue playing uninterrupted. The ability to install updates without restarting the console improves the user experience by letting them to continue playing while benefiting from the upgrades’ enhancements and functionality.

While certain upgrades may be “rebootless,” larger or more significant changes may still necessitate a reboot. This ensures that the modifications are properly implemented and that the console operates properly. This has previously happened before.

What are your thoughts? Do you believe this update for Nintendo Switch conceals something else? Don’t be shy about leaving it in the comments! We will be on the lookout for any fresh information.


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